It is not news for us to understand that in the time of Jesus, people lived in big families or small communities, clans to survive. So, to live in community, to share with others the space, the table, the meals, the faith, was something very normal.  It was not normal to be alone, isolated; most of the people isolated were people expelled from the communities and towns.  This is why isolation was not accepted or accepted with restrictions.

Todays readings give us some rules, or advises of how the community can survive with good relationships. First of all, jealousy and selfishness are not good attitudes to live in a community or a big family. To share and to be open were good attitudes and acceptable in those days.

Jesus at the very beginning of his ministry chose 12 disciples to be with him.  Later, he will found his church on Peter and in the community.  Also the best salvific events performed by Jesus happened in the community: like the Pentecost, the partition of Jesus after resurrection, the power forgive sins; and so on.

So, for Jesus the community was and is important. What do we learn from this? Now we know that to live in community, to be born in a family are important for the good development of any human being.

Actually, some are born in very small families.  Some of the times, we have single mothers having babies. Also, many families are broken in our society.  It seems like men and women are not trained to live with somebody else. There are some kind of levels of communities: the family, school, jobs, city and nation. Many families now are completely affected by selfish values.  More than ever young couples who want to move in together need formation, because there are more obstacles to stay together than to stay forever. Think what are the obstacles of a good and happy marriage life? In many times what started with great love and enthusiasm, come to end with great hate and pessimism. What is wrong in our new couples getting married? I have heard that many people are always thinking of how to get money from their relationships, by having babies, saying lies, being unfaithful. What I say is: do not take economical advantages from any relationship.

Also, our school community is actually very affected by the new laws and by the fear. What is what we are teaching to the children. What are the values that they are learning from the school? More and more we have seen that what the children are looking for is their rights be respected.  But what about their responsibilities? I think that the school needs to work more in the responsibilities of the children to their families like respecting them, loving them, helping them; less time on internet and more time in the real life.

Another community is the community in which we work.  If we do not have good formation in our homes, our work environment will be a challenge.  If you are just a worke,r work with enthusiasm, with good spirits.  It is sad to say but actually, it is hard to find good clerks, good tellers, good workers.  If you are a boss (jefe) try to serve with impartiality, try to treat everyone well.  Try not to be a heavy burden for some.  Always be glad, trying to help your workers.

Other communities are the cities and the nation: People who have the authority over people must be servants and not to overlord them.  The political authority has the important role to defend and promote the common good of civil society. Our political leaders have a responsibility from God to make decisions for the common good. When we look for the benefit of a group of members of parties and not the general benefit of all they are not using well their authority they are working with selfishness.

How to build a community that pleases God: the commandments of God will help us a lot. The golden rule in Mt, 7:12 also helps us. To be merciful following the mercy works, leads us to be close to God. And pray a lot.

Pastor's Corner

Fr Camacho1

October is the month the church dedicates to pray the rosary. This is why I invite our parishioners to pray the rosary in your homes, or to come to pray the rosary in community every day in different schedules.

On October 4th, we celebrate the memorial of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron of the animals.  Because that day is on a Thursday, I want to invite you to come on Sunday Oct 7th at 3 p.m. to bless our pets at the parking lot if the weather permits us. 

Remember this coming Saturday October 6th we will hold our 5-k run and walk parochial activity. I encourage our community to support our activity with our presence. Why do we have the 5k activity? The message is that caring for our bodies is another way to celebrate God and his creation. Healthy bodies help us to be happy and to bring happiness to others.