Today, the church presents us the temptations of Jesus as obstacles to do the will of God. We see that Jesus was tempted by the devil when he was working in his spiritual life. This means that evil one works more in people when they are doing well.

Many times, people complain to God asking Him why are they suffering if they serve in the church. Or why they have a lot of obstacles to do something good? Of why do they have classmates or coworkers who make fun on them because of their faith in Jesus? The answer is present in today’s gospel.  Satan does not like people who are making the effort to be like Jesus.

I am not saying that you will be in peace and ok if you do not follow God, because the devil attacks everyone.  But, I think he attacks in a special way the people who want to do the will of God.

The gospel presents 3 kinds of temptations: food or hunger, power, and fame. Jesus is not against these 3 tendencies or needs.  Jesus is against the extremes.  Jesus is against anything that distracts us from doing good or following God.

We know that we have to work to make money to buy food, but sometimes working many hours takes us away from our families, or makes us sick, or to go away from God and from the church. So, working is a command from God.  It is something to be done.  It is something to enjoy and it is something to help us to find God, not to destroy us or distract us from him.

When Jesus was tempted to take power, Jesus rejected it because too much power makes us to feel better than anybody even than God. Power is not bad, power is known as authority, richness, or especially skill. When we have authority and we serve the people, this power becomes a blessing for everyone involved. But when authority is used to take advantage of some people then the devil rejoices and is glad and people suffer. Jesus is teaching us that sometimes power is not a way to be happy, to serve people, to be successful, or to be saved by God.

The third temptation is fame: Jesus was and is very famous.  Instead, Jesus is inviting us to recognize God as our God. Fame is related with this natural tendency to be accepted and loved by the people. It is normal that we are affected in our behavior when people accept us or recognize us. On the other hand, we suffer a lot when people do not recognize what we do or when people do not accept us. There are cases in which people commit suicide because of this. Many times, married couples get divorced because we do not care for what others do for us.

The church reminds us that God loves us so much, even before we were born, also reminds us that we are worthy because we exist and we are alive. So, do not feel bad, do not be alone for long time, it is not healthy.

My sisters and brothers there are many other temptations, but the most important is to remember that extremes are not good, and to listen to God is the best way to overcome temptations.

Pastor's Corner

Fr Camacho1

Last Wednesday, we started Lenten season.  These forty days the church invites us to prepare by prayer, fasting, and mercy works in celebration of the main mysteries of our salvation: Passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I invite you to make some resolutions to grow in your spiritual life. Then, I invite you to write your name in our “Commitment Cross,” that will be on the altar for the next forty days as a reminder that we are in the cross with Christ expecting resurrection. Remember to take this commitment very seriously. Writing your name on the cross is not for fun but it is a promise that we are making to/for Christ.

In this week, the cold weather did not help us much to get together for confessions.  Remember, every Thursday from 5:30 pm to 6 p.m. we celebrate confessions at the sacristy of the church.

Thanks to our parishioners who came to enjoy the delicious “fish soup” that we served in our parish hall as sign of love and charity. I wish that we take seriously the invitation of the church to fast or to eat healthier food.