Today’s readings remind us that God is the one who judge and we must love God and the people. To love God and our neighbor is our job to perform, not only to be saved but also to build a community and world in which everybody can relate very well. So, God is not an obstacle for the development of our world, but He is the way we can surely deal with problems better and can give them answers. 

The job of God is to judge us because he already loved us so much when he made his plan of salvation and then when he sent his only Son to die for us and to save us.

The first reading tells us that God is always ready to help us with many magnificence miracles but only if we love God and follow his will. The first reading is also a call to our conscience to remember that we need to respect life even in the womb of the mother because God already has a plan for them.

The first reading is really beautiful.  This is the hymn of love.  Many people use it for weddings. In general, there are only two ways in which we act, loving people or judging people.

To love God or to love people brings into your hearts the same sensation; sensation of peace and happiness. God invites us to love one another because it is convenient for us and because it is the way in which we please God. However, our society is taking the place of God, and they want to judge everybody and anybody and give them a strict sentence. This attitude is destroying humanity.

The internet is a place where people judge everybody without remorse and mercy. These attitudes will never help our society to be just. We need to be precautious and prudent, but never judge with fear.  How many people have we destroyed because we live in a tremendous fear?  I understand that in schools and the media they will tell us to be extremely precautious because if not, they will be sued.  But, do not sink in this tremendous fear in which you are not allowed to enjoy life and the friendship of many people.

There are people who kill or destroy lives thinking it pleases God.  We see it in the gospel, the people of Nazareth were to the point of killing Jesus.

In this society, in which we live in the industry or business of religion, some people use it to make money.  There are terrible attitudes of violence. There are some religions that they want to convert people by violence, others by fear, others by lies. We need to embrace people by our love, by our good attitudes, teaching people by example.  Show them that it is worthy to act justly and with mercy.

We can start from our families, in our homes, then in the places that we work, and in the schools, and after this we can participate actively in the political arena, and finally in our churches, in which we can show how loving we are, and how slow we are to judge.

Pastor's Corner

Fr Camacho1

This weekend, we held our “Couples retreat.” It is an effort by our church to give a space to our couples to reflect on their own sacrament and to see how they are doing with their own matrimony. On Saint Valentine’s day, the church wants to teach us that matrimony is more than feelings and sensations. On this day, the church wants us to realize that the sacrament of matrimony is a vocation and also it needs a lot of formation and prayer. To reduce the relationship of a couple into only sensations and feelings, we are reducing the future of the family to a chaos.

The couple also needs to understand that love is sacrifice, responsibility, and commitment for everything that they receive in the family life.  If we can compare the family life, it is like the worker who offers his/her sacrifice for a good payment.

This coming Thursday Feb. 14th at 5:30 pm, we will have a mass to bless the rings of our couples, married or not by the church. Also, we will renovate the promises of the love for each other, it is not a sacrament, but it is a good sign of love for each other.