Today, we celebrate this wonderful and beautiful sacrament and mystery.  Jesus gave himself to us and stays with us forever in the sacrament to feed us and strengthen us in our pilgrimage to heaven.

Every year, we celebrate the body and blood of Christ and we give thanks to God for it and ask the people to love the sacrament and ask God for faith in the sacrament.

But also, every year this feast is applied to our daily lives. This year, the feast focuses in the generosity. Generosity is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  What does generosity mean? With great faith in God, generosity means the disposition to the voice of God to share with people in need what we are and what we have. In the first reading says: “Then Abram gave him a tenth of everything.” The second reading says: “This is my Body that is for you.” The gospel says: “Give them some food yourselves.”

Those three phrases manifest the idea of generosity. In the mystery of the body of Blood of Christ, the attitude of generosity is present.  Jesus sacrificed himself in order to save us. Generosity is a sacrifice in order to bring benefits to the needy.

In this idea of generosity, the gospel of Matthew chapter 6:4 and 6:15 tells us that God will repay what we sacrifice for others.  God will reward what we do for others. So, it is not for free.

More than ever, we need to pray to God that people with a great business be generous with people in need. Illegal immigration is the result of the selfish economical enterprises.  Illegal immigration is reminding us that the economical strategies are not very generous. We have many poor people in our country and a few millionaires. This tells us that the distribution of the goods is unjust, it is not fair.  Jesus reminds us that generosity will be repaid in heaven.

By the way, Jesus is very generous. He stays with us in the sacrament of the Eucharist.  A few things about this sacrament; Jesus is a real presence in the Eucharist.  Second: we need to respect it.  Third: the church is the place in which we keep the sacrament, so it is important to have a special attitude in the church; to keep be silent, to let other people concentrate in prayer and in contemplation. The church is a special place in which we can have an encounter with God.  For moments of friendship we have the parish Hall or the classrooms.