We can talk about two things this weekend.  First is that God has always been with us.  The first reading and the second reading express the same message.  God has been walking with us, every day, all the time, but we lost the sense and think God left us.  The other idea, coming from the gospel, is that God expects fruits from people. In the same way that we expect God to help us when we pray, God expects our gratitude when he helps us.

In the first reading we read: I have witnessed the affliction of my people in Egypt and I have heard their cry, so I know well what they are suffering. Therefore, I come down to rescue them…” is it not amazing??? God the powerful and eternal God…taking time to come down to rescue us. Is it not amazing?? God loves us so much that even knowing that we ourselves chose the road toward suffering, because we have sinned, God still shows his great mercy and love, making a special plan to save us.

This is one of the reasons that I never stopped believing because God is involved in everything in our lives, helping us, supporting us, guiding us, and enlightening us. It is sad to see people who do not believe in God and more sad to see people against him; completely talking against him and teaching it to our children.  People who do not believe in God and teach others not to believe in God commit double sins. There are parents that they do not like to come to church and they do not allow their children to come.  They commit double the sin.

Sometimes we are ungrateful to God because he did not give us something that we asked.  But, we do not see the many other things that he has done for us. Humans are like that.  We can be so ungrateful and complainers.  For example, with our parents, most of the parents make a lot sacrifices for their children.  They spend their lives working to give us what we need and many times, we do not like what they do for us.  We tell them to stay away from our decisions.  We do not invite them for our celebrations.  We do not tell them our secrets.  We are not with them when they get sick and tend to send them to the nursing home when they get older and incapable. There are some children waiting for their parents to die to take possession of their properties. If you are like that, your children will do exactly them same to you.

This is why Jesus in the gospel is talking about fruits. God only expects from us what we have receive from him: love and mercy. God does not need too much.  God likes that we learn to be like him: always ready to assist those in need. So, God does not ask us to always be doing mercy works, or helping people, because we also need our own benefit. However, God likes that we reserve an amount and some time to serve people in need. Do not expect much from God if you do not love your sisters and brothers.

My sisters and brothers let us to learn how to love one another.