My sisters and brothers the first reading and the gospel repeat one idea, we are the light of the world. Why did Jesus say that we are the light of the world? Because there is no light? Because people were in darkness?

Why Jesus is the light of the world? Because he saves us; because Jesus forgives our sins, because Jesus shows us the real face of God; his father who is love. Because he teaches us how to get the heaven, He gives our lives another meaning. He teaches us how to be happy. He illuminates our minds. He teaches us how to love each other. He teaches another new doctrine, and so on. But today, Jesus says in the gospel: “your light must shine before others.”

First of all, we know what light is; the power; the electricity. Why is electricity important? Actually, most of the things depend from on electricity. What happens when we do not have light? People get upset, nervous, disappointed, worry, depends on what you are thinking about.

Most of the time, the power goes off at night. when the power is off what happen? We do not see. We get scared. We do not have security. We can not watch TV. The heater or AC does not work. It is not comfortable to not have electricity.

Jesus says to us: you are the light of the world. What does this mean? We are important to him. We are now the messengers; in some way, people depend on us.

We have said in other Sundays that we read the bible to know the will of God, but to read the bible will not save us if we do not do the will of God. What is the will of God? To love God and to love the neighbor.

If Jesus reminds us that we are the light of the world because sometimes or many times we forget it. Sometimes we seem like we are not caring for others.

So, the light now depends on us and the church. You and I are the church. So, we have a lot of responsibility. What happens when people are in darkness? We follow our own feelings, instincts, thoughts, and in many times, we are not really good people.

I am from Mexico. I do not understand why people can kill people without mercy. Many times, we have seen in the news, how people kill others just for fun. This week, 4 people with big guns killed 9 people without mercy, 5 children and four young adults who were playing Playstation. Completely innocent people.

For example, we saw in this week in the political arena, a law that supports those who have money and power independently, whether they are guilty or not. People lie a lot. Darkness brings destruction, division, cold sense, sadness, confusion, anger.

I think it is convenient to light in the light, to have Jesus in our hearts and to share him with others. I think to be far from Jesus is not good and it is not convenience. Today, I hope that we can make the decision to be the light, to be good examples for others. If we really want to be happy we need to work to be the light and to carry Jesus everywhere.

Pastor's Corner

Fr Camacho1

My sisters and brothers may the Lord who has saved us from the eternal death, now protect us from any illness and any kind of evil. Amen.

I want to let you know that I am praying for your needs.  Your pastor is close to you.  God is listening to our prayers and He will protect us.  However, we need to do our part.  We need to follow the recommendations of the CDC. Changing our routine is very hard, but we can do it, little by little.  Stay home more often and follow the guidelines of our government and church. 

We have three examples in the bible in which God helped people, but they did their part: Noah was warned about the Flood and he built the Ark.  Joseph, son of Jacob, was warned about the famine and he ordered to build the barns.  Mary and Joseph were warned that King Herold was looking for Jesus to kill him and they went to Egypt.  So, I think we need to learn that we are warned of a possibly great pandemic is passing through and we need to take care of ourselves. Please, do not panic.  Buy in moderation.  Remember emergencies do not exempt us from being generous with people in need, especially with the sick and elderly.

The church will continue to keep in touch with you through Facebook and our website.  You may text father Jesus on his cell (210) 416-5920. We will continue to do sacraments as long as we are allowed to do it.