We offer Religious Education Classes from Pre-K through 10th Grade.  In order to ensure that your child receives proper formation, please enroll your child at the same time that they are first enrolled in school.

Religious Education classes are faith formation classes for children and teens to understand their Catholic faith.  First Holy Communion classes are a two year program that begins with 2nd grade and ends their 3rd grade year.  Confirmation classes are also a two year program that begins with 9th grade and ends their 10th grade year.  Since they are Sacramental classes, it is important that they do not have more than 3 unexcused absences per year.

For each child attending Sacramental Classes, we will need supporting documentation, such as Baptismal certificate, and First Holy Communion (for those receiving Confirmation).

When enrolling, please ensure we have a working telephone number and an emergency contact if you cannot be reached. 

(Schedules will be posted in the bulletin.)